Supporting the digital trasformation of MSMEs and the Third Section throught open-source


DigitOpen promotes digital transformation with open source tools, in line with the EU strategy for digital independence and the knowledge society.


The project contributes to the flexibility of the VET sector and enhances it by providing educational tools on digital skills.

Social enterprise

The initiative fights the digital divide in the Third Sector, offering training and access to open-source tools for volunteering, social enterprises and SMEs.


The open-source strategy and Digital Education Action Plan emphasize collaboration, inclusion and high-quality content to promote digital education and reduce inequalities related to lack of skills and accessibility.

The aim is to empower the Third Sector and small-medium enterprises through an open source approach to facilitate their digital transformation.

With effective practices and innovative methods, and by promoting collaboration, optimizing strategic planning and offering tailored professional development.

Specific objectives

Improve staff’s digital knowledge, skills and competencies in using open-source tools and software in line with organizational needs.

Increase capacity building of third sector organizations and SMEs to better respond to staff needs and develop synergies with vocational education and training providers.

Develop structured guidelines to support organisations’ staff in their digital transmission through an open source approach.

Create conscious, collaborative and connected learning and working communities that move towards digital autonomy.

Enrich the training offer of VET providers regarding the development of digital skills.


The expected results are:

Production of Toolkit addressed to Third sector organizations and MSMEs

Development of an open-source MOOC

Development of a selfassessment tool (SAT)

Guidelines for digital transition through open source)


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